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To connect a second serial port to a Net4801, the internal 10-pin header must be used. The pinout on this header is called a DTK/Intel style. There is a second type of similar connector with a different pinout called an AT/Everex/Everest connector which will NOT work. The correct pinout is:

DB-9	IDC-10
Pin 1 	 Pin 1
Pin 2	 Pin 3
Pin 3 	 Pin 5
Pin 4	 Pin 7
Pin 5 	 Pin 9
Pin 6	 Pin 2
Pin 7 	 Pin 4
Pin 8	 Pin 6
Pin 9 	 Pin 8

There are several sources for the DTK/Intel cable:

Crystalfontz (part WR232Y23 has both pinouts)
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