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The Net4801 and come with user-programmable general purpose input/output pins. There are 12 on JP5 and two more on JP10. They're all 3.3V out and 5V input tolerant and connect directly to the PC87366 Multi-IO chip. See the hardware manual and datasheet for details.


JP5 Pinouts for OpenBSD GPIO

Pins are mapped to /dev/gpio1 and must be defined BEFORE the system goes into secure mode. That is done in /etc/rc.securelevel See the manual page for gpioctl(8) for details.

GPIO - JP5 pin mapping for OpenBSD
JP5 Pin GPIO Pin GPIO Pin JP5 Pin
1 (+3.3V) - - 2 (+5V)
3 GPIO 16 GPIO 17 4
5 GPIO 18 GPIO 19 6
7 GPIO 20 GPIO 21 8
9 GPIO 22 GPIO 23 10
11 (GND) - GPIO 04 12
13 GPIO 05 - 14 (GND)
15 GPIO 11 GPIO 16 16
17 (GND) - - 18 (RXD)
19 (TXD) - - 20 (GND)

Sample /etc/

Below, the pins are set push-pull and given names based on their position in JP5:

/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 16 set out pp jp5pin03; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 17 set out pp jp5pin04; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 18 set out pp jp5pin05; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 19 set out pp jp5pin06; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 20 set out pp jp5pin07; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 21 set out pp jp5pin08;
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 22 set out pp jp5pin09; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 23 set out pp jp5pin10;
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 24 set out pp jp5pin12; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 05 set out pp jp5pin13; 

/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 11 set out pp jp5pin15; 
/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 10 set out pp jp5pin16; 

The pins can be accessed by either their number or name.

/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 jp5pin03 on; 

is the same as

/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio1 16 on;


The error LED on JP7 is mapped to gpio0 pin 6 and /etc/ still has to be set:

/usr/sbin/gpioctl -q gpio0 6 set out errorled;

JP5 Pinouts for NetBSD GPIO

JP5 Pinouts for Linux GPIO

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