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The Soekris 6501 board has been shipping since September 2011. There is a preliminary version of the 6501 manual available which contains quite a bit of information.


As a quick reference, here are the various connectors on the net6501:

SW1 - Reset Button
P1 - COM1 serial port
J1 - SATA port 0
J2 - SATA port 1
J3 - PCIe connector
J4 - Header for optional riser PCIe
J5 - Mini PCIe USB only / mSATA socket
J6 - Mini PCIe / mSATA socket
J7 - DC Power Input Jack
JP1 - ???
JP3 - External USB connector
JP4 - Dual USB connector
JP5 - Internal USB connector
JP7 - COM2 RS232 serial port
JP8 - User IO on FPGA
JP9 - ???
JP10 - Xilinx Spartan FPGA JTAG port
JP11 - ???
JP12 - Fan connector
JP13 - Fan connector (not sure??? check this)
JP14 - ???
JP15 - Power
JP16 - Battery backup connector
JP17 - Gigabit Ethernet ports
JP18 - SATA power connector
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