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This FAQ was set up to readily provide answers to questions that are asked with some frequency on the soekris-tech mailing list, or which required a fair amount of discussion and research in the first place, yet proved to be easily resolved in the end. The soekris-tech FAQ is maintained independently of the Soekris Engineering company by members of the soekris-tech mailing list. This FAQ is by no means authoritative - for the most up to date information always refer to the User Manuals found at the Soekris Engineering web site.

Please consult at least this FAQ as well as the appropriate User Manual before asking questions on the soekris-tech list - the Soekris User Manuals are reader-friendly by any standard, and might already hold the answer you were looking for. In addition, search the soekris-tech archives for an answer to your problem. The quickest way to scan these is probably through an Internet search engine.

Also note that whichever OS you're planning or trying to install, someone out there has probably already done it before, and might have published a few notes about the experience. Searching the web for "any_os soekris" will almost always reveal quite a huge pile of documents and list replies.

If you want to contribute just create an account, they need to be approved but we approve everyone, it's just an antispam measure :)

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