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Beside the obvious console serial port, the Soekris boards have a second serial port which uses a 2x5 0.100"(2.54 mm) header connector. The pin out can be found in the manual. The net5501 has the same serial pin out at the net4801.

Serial cabling

There are two common types of cable available to convert a 2x5 header to the standard DE-9, commonly mis-named as DB-9. The Soekris boards use the DE9M to IDC10 cable type known as "DTK". This is sometimes known as a "crossed" cable as pin 2 does not wire to pin 2, but pin 6, on the DE-9. You can search for "DB9M IDC10 DTK" to find them. An "Everex", "AT", or "ASUS" type cable is a "straight" through cable and will not work with Soekris boards. Beware "Intel" type cables as Intel changed from one layout to the other. The "crossed" and "straight" terminology may not be definitive either as the Soekris pin layout is designed so a flat ribbon cable could be used with a DE-9 connector with an IDC back on it, which some would consider "straight". The best bet is to find a vendor who puts the cable's pin out on their web page.

Sources of the cable

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