What can I do with a Soekris box

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What can I do with a Soekris box?

Soekris boxes are used for a wide variety of applications, but mostly for networking: routers, firewalls, bridges, access points and anything else that has to do with data transfer. In addition they are or can be used in various server roles, for testing purposes, for controlling machinery over a serial line, and who knows what else. The net4501 model is very popular for building a high-performance NTP server.

Just don't expect huge amounts of processing power from a Soekris box. These are after all single-board computers, and weren't designed for running heavy, CPU-intensive applications. Besides, disk write speed will be limited if the CF is used as the main storage device. So running a database server or a game server on a Soekris box is probably not a good idea.

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