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Which Operating Systems are supported?

The question here might as well be: "Which Operating Systems support a Soekris box?". Each OS that is able run on an x86 and operate in text mode should run on a Soekris. So as you should be able to get any Linux, for example, up and running on a Soekris box, Windows Vista probably won't. For more information go to Category:Operating Systems section.

The soekris-tech list members tend to be very helpful, no matter what OS you are trying to install, yet also frank enough to tell you with no reservations if what you're trying is impossible. Apart from that, the Soekris Products page is very clear about what is supported and what isn't:

We will primarily target some of the different flavors of Unix, and will directly support the following:

   * FreeBSD - The most powerful x86 open source Unix
   * OpenBSD - The most secure open source Unix available
   * NetBSD - The most portable open source Unix available
   * Linux - The most popular open source Unix
   * Plan 9 from Bell Labs - The 1st successor to Unix
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